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Riverside Resort - Church Service

Riverside Guests enjoying church


They begin to congregate around 9:50 am on Sunday mornings at Riverside, parents and grandparents, toddlers and teenagers, all excited to experience what the resort bills as “definitely not church as usual.” 

The guest speaker for the morning was Jeremiah Gamble, who has been coming to Riverside Resort for nine years putting on his “Theater for the Thirsty.”

What I witnessed certainly was a remarkable an imaginative performance, certainly not church as usual. Jeremiah told a number of stories teaching themes like forgiveness, acceptance, faith, humility, reliance upon God, and how God’s plans are greater than our dreams.

Church is held outside on the porch of the original home, built back in 1910. The ash trees provide a shade canopy for the congregation—a special benefit to the large number of mothers with their babies in double strollers—blocking the heat of the sun’s rays.

Jeanette introduces Jeremiah and encourages the folks to “give their lives more fully to the Lord,” we say a prayer, and then the Jeremiah’s performance begins.

Articulating through gesticulating, he is a one-man show. There are skateboarding scenes, tales of ninja warriors, and a funny take on Noah’s Ark from his book, Hold the Boat.

He does all of this with no props, a wireless mike, and a single amp. The audience is completely focused as they watch with rapt attention. Jeremiah erupts into onomatopoeia: “creeek, woosh, bang.”

Watching the event unfold, you have to conclude that a part of Gamble’s mind still resides in his childhood years and that’s why he comes off so well. You can find out more about Jeremiah at

We close in prayer and indeed, with smiles all around, everyone appears refreshed.
Jim and Jeanette bring in a different guest to each service. Some will sing, some will act, some will share powerful testimonies, and all will leave you feeling inspired and refreshed.

Photography by Doug Ohman

Riverside Resort, Minnesota

Jeremiah Gamble - Riverside Resort Church Service

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