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We put in with two small motorboats on Fall Lake with high winds and low temps. As the day went on the winds picked up and we got wet and considerably colder, but my five-year-old, Rebekah, and seven-year-old, Nathan, never once complained.

Why? We were having a blast. Working with Josh Bullivant, one of his go-to guides, Jim Blauch, who owns Moose Track Adventures with his wife, Joan, showed us great sites and put us on the fish. We caught Walleye, Bass, and Northern Pike. Both of my kids caught their biggest fish ever on the trip. For Nathan it was a five-pound Northern and for Rebekah it was a two-and-a-half-pound Largemouth.

We enjoyed seeing a historic log hoist in Hoist Bay and some old pier posts from a historic resort on Fall Lake. Along the way we encountered Bald Eagles, Mallards, Loons, Chipmunks, and other woodland creatures and waterfowl. The natural world is exciting for kids to see and learn about and there is no better place to get that education than in the BWCA: everywhere you look learning opportunities abound.

We watched through the clear water as the Northerns would appear out of nowhere with supersonic speed to gobble up silver spoons. Sometimes they would strike and sometimes the pike would just follow, but there was action on almost every cast and the excitement the kids felt was contagious. If one lure wasn’t working, Josh and Jim were quickly giving us new rods with different lures attached to the end of them. They were committed to seeing the kids succeed and were more than happy to do the work.

The action was nonstop; we continued to pitch lures and the water continued to boil.  At noon we took a break for lunch and got a closer view of the old logging hoist and pier posts from the days when Basswood Lake was full of resorts and logging activity. After lunch we headed back to Pipestone Bay to fish for Walleyes. By the time we’d caught a couple eaters, Rebekah’s teeth were chattering as the rain kept getting colder: it was time to head in. With a full stringer and smiles all around, we paused at the last portage for pictures.

My kids came out of it stronger and more confident, knowing they could take whatever nature had to dish out and still have a great time. It is a trip my kids and I won’t soon forget.

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Photos by the author

Bald Eagle on Hoist Bay

Fall Lake entry point

Pipestone FallsBoat on portage trail



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