King of Your Castle, Captain of Your Ship - Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats

Voyagaire houseboat - Voyageurs National park, Grassy Slough campsite

During peak colors, when the golds of the aspen were all aglow and the reds of the maples were ablaze, my family and I had the privilege of going house-boating with Voyagaire out of Crane Lake.  It was an amazing trip!!

In addition to the colors, the other great thing about a fall trip is that you have the park all to yourself.  Voyagaire has a large fleet, yet only two other boats were on the water when we went.  We could basically get any campsite we wanted.

Voyageurs National Park is comprised of over 218,000 acres and about forty percent of those acres are water (84,000 acres).  It's similar to the BWCAW in terms of scenery but it's motorized, so for those who are less inclined to paddle yet still want to see beautiful border lakes Voyageurs is perfect.  As much as I love the Boundary Waters, it would be next to impossible to take my pregnant wife and our five kids canoeing and portaging, so house-boating suited the family much better. 

The owners of Voyagaire, Jim and Gretchen Janssen, along with their staff, do an excellent job.  If any needs arise while on the water you can radio back to base and they will help you out.  Freindly service, great boats, and an awesome park!!  

When house-boating you are not only the king of your castle, but also the captain of your ship.

I have attached a couple pictures to show the beauty of the park.

Here is the link to Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats website - Voyagaire Houseboats  

Nathan going off slide on Lake Namakan - Voyagaire Houseboats

Fall colors - Voyageurs National Park - Lake Namakan

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